Sector-4 is a 4 player strategy board game built on some novel game mechanics. We developed the game so that its a game that it minimizes luck and promotes strategic moves that will influence how the game pans out. The game was developed alongside all card decks, miniatures, dice and other supporting tacks and range finder.


The game was designed with over 80 miniatures, 4 factions, over 200 cards and in game tokens.

Unit upgrades, individual unit health and armory cards with dedicated on board slots



The unique board presents unique game mechanics, balanced gameplay and minimal chance. If you persevere you always have a chance to hit back. The average expected gameplay time is from 1 hour to 4 hours.



High quality detailed designed miniatures. Each faction has 5 different type of units with a unique miniature. Each class is identifiable and unique. Miniature designs reflect their roles in the game.



Each card is uniquely designed and is functional. The cards are graphical with content laid out in an intuitive format and require just a little time to understand and utilized.


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