The product is a concept design for an intuitive mobile device. The product design is featured at :

P-One Modular Concept Phone by Bilal Khan

There are many features equipped within this phone in order for both low literate and ill-literate people can benefit from the phone. One important focus for this project in the re-design process is to ensure the technology of this phone can be used by tech-shy people, it shouldn’t be ridden with heavy features that might confuse them even more.

P-One is envisioned to have interchangeable modular knobs to modify basic phone performances such as additional battery, storage, processor, enhanced camera, etc. This phone also has some basic features such as Wi-Fi, radio, and low hierarchy menus.

One cool feature of P-One is its hand written text recognition ability. This phone is also designed to mimic a pen, in this way, even tech-shy people can start using the device without feeling intimidated. The idea here is to make use the most intuitive form of input and this device will recognize the text and gestures. One of modular knobs is crank charger, just in case you’re running out of battery and there’s no electricity nearby, simply use this tool to re-charge the battery.

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