About The Design Process

Direct Communication

We encourage our potential clients to connect with us to discuss their design problems and help us tailor a solution for them. At the first step we encourage clients to discuss their projects briefly and receive a free quote on the potential job.

Project Commissioning

After a thorough review of the client’s requirements we generate quotes, on acceptance of which the project is initiated. We usually come across two kinds of design problems, one being the projects which we can quote at a fix rate, these projects usually require straight forward engineering work which can be quantified at the start of the project. For most projects though we work at hourly rates because in a design project it is usually very difficult to quantify time and iterations.


Project Execution

After initiation of the project, the project is designed within the time frame associated with it. The client receives project updates, presentations and progress on predefined milestones. During the project the client has an open line to raise a point or discuss any matter regarding the project. The client has exclusive access to us via Skype and mail.

Non Disclosure

Whether we sign up for an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) or not, it is our duty to keep your data and files confidential. We are proud to have a 100% record on data security . Before displaying designs or data on our website, forums and the social media we sign an approval from our clients.