This is Covidband, Designed with optimal material usage so you have to pay the minimum cost in this time of need. There are no overhead costs being charged for this band. The design is so lightweight you wouldn’t even know if you are wearing it.


LIght weight : 5 grams (Approx)
Can be used with any talic sheet or vinyl sheet
Design so the sheets can be replaced in no time
Designed like a pair of specticles so your ears become a support (essential in reducing the material consumption)

Print at home

If you have a 3D printer at home an want to print this model, you can find the model at this link:
Feel free to share the design with anyone, I relinquish all copyrights from this product.

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If you have an idea related to COVID-19 and need help in design, feel free to contact me at mu website for a free of charge collaboration. It’s time to give back!!