Virtual Reality In Product Development

Product design is a specialized field and requires attention to many different areas. For a product to be successful key areas such as function, user experience, aesthetics and design for manufacture must be taken care of in a harmony.

Often in design there is a need to be able to experience the product as far as UI UX and ergonomics is concerned. We traditionally resort to 3D printed prototypes for this. This is an expensive process and also has limitations as far as size of the product is concerned, plus it takes time to print the prototype.

VR in product design

Virtual reality in design process provides a huge advantage as we can take the CAD model directly into the simulation and test it hands on for ergonomics, space, aesthetics and DFM inspection.
Imagine designing a vehicle and then be able to sit in it and critique the various design elements. Swipe through various color options and design features in a fully immersive environment.

Traditional clay modeling