Our product design encompass turnkey product development. Taking your product from an idea to a reality. The following tabs describe the various stages and aspects involved in product design. You can connect with us regarding design services for any of these features or complete product development.

  • Product Design Cycle

Computer aided design makes use of state of the art digital tools and hardware to quickly formalize components and assemblies. This allows us to virtually prototype a product design in terms of mechanical, industrial and aesthetic design


Concept formulation in product design is the manifestation of the concept into quick sketches or mock ups so that the design direction can be gauged and critical observations on the appeal and packaging of the product can be made. There can be one or several concept designs before a design freeze is made.

Global Design refers to the global aspects of engineering and design, it gives an overview of the different components and the assembly features that eventually integrate into the product to make a complete functional assembly


DFM takes into account the Product design aspects pertaining to manufacturability and assembling of the product as well as taking into account processes used to produce components at competitive prices.

After careful design and analysis rapid prototyping is done and physical testing on performance and user experience is performed.

We are using cutting edge Virtual Reality technology to validate designs during design phase. Learn more here.


Smart designing require engineering and technological knowledge base. A designer does not have to reinvent the wheel. It is our primary objective to use standardized tools and equipment already available off the shelf.


Any new assembly or component that is designed needs to go through scrutiny of loads and environmental conditions it has to perform in. CAE and simulation tools ensure that those are done virtually at low costs and design changes are incorporated in tandem, this saves cost and time at the same time.