From conception to full detail sculpt and rapid prototyping, we can help make miniatures for games, develop lowpoly game characters, assets and accessories. Although it may take a while because have been getting a lot of customers thanks to new SEO techniques, visit this page to learn more.

Conception design is an integral component in any development process and it is the same in character design. To quickly iterate concepts we devise methods which depict characteristics of the model at hand. This is the first step in character development and sometimes the most attention seeking and time consuming.

The model is sculpted after being conceived and then painted into different styles as per client’s requirements. Miniatures are painted to achieve realistic results and more thorough texture details. These models can be used to 3D prints components, game assets and paintings.


Miniatures, cards, token and dice are the crown jewels for your board game and we treat them as no less. We create highly details 3D sculpts which resonate the character and story of your game


We create highly detailed boards, with both 2D and 3D assets. The 3D assets add another dimension to your board when you wish to create your marketing content which you can use to promote your business, similar to using publicity signs for this from a Sign Company in Miami that specializes in this .


Captivating graphics following theme and mood are a necessary component of the user experience.