A design studio by Product Architect Bilal Majeed Khan (BMK) focusing on providing design and development services in a wide range of creative fields. Established in 2014, BMK has now successfully developed over 25 unique products. Recently our services have been expanded into fashion, architecture and graphic design

Our ethos include honesty, ingenuity and in time delivery. It is our objective to give the best development services at the most competitive rates. We want to give our clients the best experience, our focus does not end at just delivering the project but also on developing long term relationship with our clients


BMK holds a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering Design from the prestigious University Of Manchester. After completing his studies he has been involved in engineering and product development for the past 10 years.
BMK has worked with top european automotive and industrial OEMs in the capacity of Computer Aided Engineering.


BMK has formerly Managed Dept of the Simulation and Design for the country’s biggest design firm.
In 2014 BMK started design consulting independently, since then he has tackled design problems from ground up developing product designs and engineering solutions from concept till prototyping.


BMK has acquired a variety of skills ranging from Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), Computer Aided Design (CAD), Design For Manufacture (DFM, DFMA), free form sculpting, computer visualization and Prototyping leading to industrial scale designing.

Expertise in developing VR and AR software from ground up. For more information feel free to visit his Linkedin profile.