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Product design studio


A design studio by Product Architect Bilal Majeed Khan (BMK) focusing on providing design and development services in a wide range of creative fields. Established in 2014, BMK has now successfully developed many unique products. Recently the services have been expanded into fashion, architecture, Virtual Reality and graphic design.


Bilal Majeed Khan (BMK) holds a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering Design from the prestigious University Of Manchester. After completing his studies he has been involved in engineering and product development for the past 10 years.
BMK has worked with top european automotive and industrial OEMs in the capacity of Computer Aided Engineering.

Professional History

BMK has formerly Managed Dept of the Simulation and Design for the country’s biggest design firm.
In 2014 BMK started design consulting independently, since then he has tackled design problems from ground up developing product designs and engineering solutions from concept till prototyping.

Mission & Vision

Our ethos include honesty, ingenuity and in time delivery. It is our objective to give the best development services at the most competitive rates. We want to give our clients the best experience, our focus does not end at just delivering the project but also on developing long term relationship with our clients


Skill Set

BMK has acquired a variety of skills ranging from Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), Computer Aided Design (CAD), Design For Manufacture (DFM, DFMA), free form sculpting, computer visualization, VR and Prototyping leading to industrial scale designing.



Passport Cannula Insertion Device Design

“The company was great. I received timely changes to my feedback and the professionalism of Bilal was excellent. My product is more simple, ergonomic, and efficient.”

Dr. Jason Hammond


Jewelry For Heels

“BMK was excellent, listened attentively to our needs without making assumptions while using expertise to make suggestions and guide the design.”

Sidonia Michoux (Founder at Tooshoos)


Miniature Den

“Is there anything this designer can’t make!”

ANGELA LINNEMAN (Editor in Chief, Shapeways Magazine + All Things Content, Shapeways)


CAE Simulation

Working with Bilal Khan as Junior Design Engineer at Automotive Engineering Design, I saw him as a supportive and visionary leader who always led from front. He has the ability to inspire the team to perform at their optimum level all the time. I have found him to be a proactive and an exceptional team player. Bilal possesses excellent engineering knowledge in the field of mechanical design and Finite Element Analysis that synergizes with his top-notch creative and artistic skills to craft solutions that are of the highest quality.

Junaid Akhtar (Engineering Design Manager at Surgify Medical Oy)


Product Design

I happen to have worked with Bilal in more than one professional capacities. He has an air of calmness about him that one seldom observes when dealing with people under pressure. On multiple occasions, Bilal seemed to ease into the role of “leading the troops” without people (or even he himself) realizing it; a quality, in my opinion, of a good skipper. But the package comes with a wrapping of creativity oozing out in all directions. That is to say, not only he is one with a head to think outside the box but his presence entices creativity in those around him. I vouch for his loyalty, professionalism, work-ethics, work-rate and above all honesty in any organization he seeks to pursue a career in.

Shahbaz Alavi (Development Engineer at AWL-Techniek)


Product Design

Bilal and I have worked on several research and design related projects together. I have always found him to be technically and intellectually curious and have never been disappointed in times of need. He always tries to stay ahead of his work and is very proactively involved with the well being of his subordinates, whom he manages masterfully. Any organization would be lucky to have such a disciplined, creative, professional and experienced person like him. I wish him the best of luck for his future endeavors.

Muhammad Faizan Zafar (Senior Product Design Engineer at Divergent 3D)


Product Design

I have been working with Bilal for more than 3 years and during this time I had the opportunity to get to know him more than anyone else. He is the best in what he does and is the “to-go” person in design and FEA areas. I found him a quick learner, a hard worker yet a down to earth person. He possesses strong problem solving skills and has the ability to think out-of-the-box. His leadership and communication skills are just excellent and building on them he has progresses really fast in his field.

Bilal Ahmad Rafique (Senior Design Engineer Premier Composite Technologies, Dubai)


Product Design

He is a promising engineer and dedicated to his work Natural talent to gaze things out of the box and come up with creative idea. Always show practical approach as far as his thoughts and jobs are concerned . He is an excellent Team manager with outstanding communication skills. Well I say whenever I have to get help with some design or documentation I always look towards Bilal to seek guidance

Junaid Abbas (Design Engineer : High temp. Aerospace composite and metal tooling, Marine tooling, Detailing of composites, Siemens NX)


Product Design

Bilal Khan is a diligent worker, and has a penchant for handling tough situations. He has good technical acumen and does not shy away from learning new techniques. Motivating his team to go the extra mile for any project has is also one of his fortes.

Talha Hasan (Product @ Amazon Robotics | MIT alum)


Software Expertise